Showing Our Gratitude to Tucson Police Officers


Community heroes don’t always get the accolades they deserve, including those men and women who risk their lives to help others. When Bank of Tucson staffers Karen Martin, who has law enforcement officers in her family, and Ken Krapf, who serves on the board of Tucson Police Foundation, teamed up to show support for our local police officers, the rest of our office was quick to lend them a hand.

Karen and Ken proposed “Survival Kits” for the officers with sweet treats that would represent the admirable traits and actions police officers are expected to have and so valiantly demonstrate. The duo quickly raised almost $400 from individual contributions throughout their office, which allowed them to purchase supplies for 990 kits.

Several employees volunteered their time to assemble the kits, which the staff then delivered to five police substations and the 911 Communications Center. Each kit contained candy and a card with the following message:

To remind you of the many times you’ve been one 

To give you wisdom for those split-second decisions

To help everyone stick together 

Tootsie Roll
You have to roll with the punches

Laffy Taffy
To remind you that laughter is a great stress reliever

Thank you for everything you do for Tucson!
From the Employees of the Bank of Tucson

“The looks on their faces when we delivered the kits were amazing,” said Karen. Ken added, “They were so excited that the employees of the bank would take the time to do such a project.”

We received a wonderful, hand-written note from the Assistant Chief thanking us for supporting the officers and staff. Needless to say, our contribution pales in comparison to what these professionals are willing to do every day to keep Tucson and its people safe. We’re so glad we could make this small gesture to recognize such wonderful community heroes.




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