The Regency Senior Club: Tucson Seniors Can Soon Access a Vibrant Social Gathering Place

Regency Senior Club

Some of you may have seen our wonderful client, The Regency Senior Club,↗ profiled↗ in the Arizona Daily Star several months back. We’re proud to be providing the financing for the club’s new adult day healthcare center, currently under construction at Campbell Plaza, on the site of a former preschool.

Currently, only three centers offer care for seniors by the hour or by the day, leaving the market substantially underserved. The Regency Senior Club is well positioned to become the crown jewel of all such centers.

Regency is geared toward seniors who need individualized care. Clients will range from age 60 and up with dementia or other health issues.

The option to customize the amount of time a client spends at Regency is tremendously valuable to the seniors and their caregivers. Patrons can buy a membership or pay hourly, though members will have priority. Catered meals will be available, as will pampering, hygiene and some medical services.

The Regency Senior Club is the brainchild of Elaine Wozniak, a board-certified geriatric nurse practitioner who has had a house calls practice for 10 years and has worked in geriatrics for 20 years. She has also served as an associate professor at the University of Arizona’s College of Nursing. She first conceived of The Regency Senior Club when she visited her father at a similar facility in New Jersey.

“Besides having dementia, my father is remarkably healthy,” said Elaine, noting that he has no reason to give up an active lifestyle. “He’s a widower, and when he started going to his local adult daycare center, I saw an immediate and positive difference in his health.”

Citing research that has proven that certain activities can slow the progress of dementia, Elaine says activities at The Regency Senior Club will vary from games to arts and crafts to outings and even fine dining experiences (she has contracted with a caterer).

“Our clients who spend a full day with us will be treated to full, three-course plated meals with fine china and linens,” she explained. She also plans to encourage clients to change up their seat from meal to meal so that they’re sure to socialize with a range of different people.

She will stay abreast of the latest technology available to enhance the Regency Senior Club experience. Immediately upon opening, clients will have access to Beam,↗ a computer program installed in the ceiling that projects visual and mental games onto the floor or a table. Widely used in applications for children, Beam is treating The Regency Senior Club as a “beta site” to demonstrate its application for seniors as well. Attendees at The Regency Senior Club’s grand opening on August 1 will have a chance to try it out, too.

Full-time care for seniors will run $13.50 per hour and include a gourmet meal. For those attending five hours or less, the cost is $85 per day.

Elaine plans to provide support for caregivers too. “Caregiver burnout is huge,” she said, adding that she’s planning a caregiver support group led by herself and a social worker as well as outings and luncheons just for caregivers.

To house all of these wonderful activities, Elaine secured a 6,000-square-foot former daycare facility for The Regency Senior Club that is entirely fenced and secure. She is taking the interior down to the studs to reinvent the space. The Club will have seven activity rooms and a dedicated dining room. Seniors who are cognitively impaired will occupy separate areas of the club from seniors who are not.

We’re honored at Bank of Tucson to have provided the loan for the building renovation.

“Thank goodness for Bank of Tucson, because no one else wanted to fund a small business like mine,” Elaine said. “My first meeting with Mike Hannley lasted for two-and-a-half hours. When I left his office, he was a believer who recognized the enormous need for a club like mine. He’s been a strong financial and business supporter ever since and even started mentoring me.”

In addition to the activities and dining, seniors at The Regency Senior Club will also have access to a physical therapist assistant, and Elaine hopes to bring on a physical therapist soon. “I’ve had the great fortune of hand-picking my staff,” said Elaine. “The combination of the exposure The Regency Senior Club has had thus far, my longevity in the field of geriatric care and the regular business hours we’ll offer have allowed me to pick the cream of the crop for my staff.”

“We can’t wait for Elaine’s grand opening,” said Mike Hannley, president of Bank of Tucson. “Tucson is blessed to have a vibrant senior community, and we expect that The Regency Senior Club will provide a rich social experience for many of its members, as well as an invaluable resource for many caregivers.”

For Elaine, her journey toward opening The Regency Senior Club isn’t a job, it’s a passion fueled by her longtime affinity for working with seniors. It is also fueled by having seen how underserved seniors can be affected.

“People are living behind closed doors,” said Elaine. “We need to respect the elderly again; to give them something to look forward to.”

She likes to reference a quote she once saw: ‘broken crayons still color.’ We know that Elaine is the perfect person to release the rainbow that awaits clients of The Regency Senior Club. Keep your ears open for her grand opening and follow the club on Facebook↗ or Elaine on LinkedIn.↗


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