Bank of Tucson – 20 Year Employees

This year, Bank of Tucson celebrates 20 years in business. A huge part of the credit for our longevity goes to our wonderful clients.  We also want to recognize five of our staffers who have been with us since the beginning. Their hard work, dedication and loyalty have been a part of many wonderful milestones for our bank.

Over the next few months, we’ll post profiles about each of them. We’re starting with Pat Taylor and Cathy Friggle, who were kind enough to reflect on their Bank of Tucson careers and why they have been so dedicated to the bank.

Pat “I enjoy the small, community bank spirit at Bank of Tucson. I appreciate that we have the ability to make decisions in our own board room and that my clients can talk to the decision makers directly.  We have the ability to respond quickly and get loans closed right away since we don’t have to depend on other departments for support.

“Just as importantly, … I enjoy the camaraderie between our staff.  It’s truly a ‘family’ feeling.  Our president, Mike Hannley, has always been very generous in promoting fun staff activities as well as outings for staff and their families.

“One of my favorite Bank of Tucson memories is watching our bank’s management team work to approve a loan for a client who was starting up a business.  Providing start up financing is very challenging but we found a way to do it. The company went on to become one of our largest clients. Eventually, the owners took the company public. Revenues now exceed $1 billion, and shares are trading at about $50-$60 per share.”

cathy“When Mike Hannley recruited a team to start Bank of Tucson, he made us promise to give him five years, and so I planned to spend just five years here. Of course, I’m speaking to you 20 years later. In my opinion, Mike is the reason we’re all still here. I don’t feel like I’m just working a job. Mike makes us feel like it’s our bank, and he’s an unparalleled teacher when it comes to banking.

“We are like family here, and everyone has learned to ‘work smarter not harder’ and to turn everything into a positive situation. Mike’s philosophy easily became everyone’s philosophy. No one tries to pass the buck; we’re all accountable for creating solutions. We’re very concerned about knowing our clients and serving – even anticipating – their needs.

“I adore Bank of Tucson because of our remarkable team. Some of my fondest memories are from our annual baseball park outings, where everyone can bring their families. We grill hamburgers and hot dogs and set up special activities for the kids. My kids and my grandkids have their own wonderful memories from these outings. Being able to – and want to – share your family with your co-workers is special, and I’ll never forget when my granddaughter was given a school assignment to write about a president, she wanted to choose Mike Hannley.”



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